'Pride’ is a series of portraits aimed to show members of the Assist Trust, in a proud, confident and empowering way.

Despite facing challenges with learning difficulties, the members have a positive outlook, progressing forward with their lives, through the character building activities and workshops within the Assist Trust. All of these activities build on the strengths people have, encouraging independence and focusing strongly on social, daily living and job skills, which can be applied to the real world.

Through this portrait series I have aimed to show our similarities opposed to differences, to challenge any stereotyped views that some may hold towards those with learning difficulties, and with the intention to display a group of brilliant people in an honourable and dignified manner.

The project with be exhibited within the Assist Trust 'Independence' Day event at the Norwich Forum on 4th July 2017.

Georgia Shackleton Trio 2017

New promotional shoot with the Georgia Shackleton Trio. Taken at the 10 Bells pub in Norwich. 

Please visit to hear and find out more about their music.


Frank Turner - Invicta Magazine

I recently had the pleasure of photographing one of my favourite artists, Frank Turner, for an interview and feature in Invicta magazine. We had a short time slot in the afternoon before the show at the Norwich LCR, so I quickly set up a single light with an octabox and a reflector, whilst my friend Jay did the interview. I then had a short amount of time to have brief chat and get the shoot done.

I wanted to capture warm expressions, which seemed to happen very naturally. I asked him to pose in a few different positions but nothing too contrived. I’d never met Frank before but he was very pleasant and professional, as I’d expected. He also told me a great joke: “How many photographers does it take to change a light bulb?... Just one more”

To read the full interview with Jay Harisson for Invicta magazine, please visit:

Later on I photographed the live concert with full band 'the Sleeping Souls' and the other fantastic support acts – ‘Esmé Patterson’ and ‘Felix Hagan and the Family’. I also spoke with the brilliant charities – ‘Safe gigs for women’  and ‘War Child’ 


To read the full review of the show by Jay Harisson for Invicta magazine, please visit:


For more live images from the show please click here.

Assist Trust Annual Review

A few of my images printed in the Assist Trust Annual Review. I've been photographing around 1 day a month with the Assist trust since May this year and really enjoy working with these great people. Layout by the wonderful Johnson Design 

For more information, please visit: 


Took a trip to Iceland last week with my girlfriend Claire and family. It was refreshing to have a short break from commissioned work and the studio job, to get out and spend a few days shooting landscapes in this beautiful country. We had some very strong winds on some of the days and had to hold on to the tripod tight. I was also slightly under prepared to photograph subtle northern lights behind the clouds, shooting in pitch dark conditions and focusing manually. I would love to visit again some day, perhaps in a Spring month and see the south and east coasts. I definitely recommend visiting to anyone who hasn't been before.



Old Empire Motorcycles

Recent portrait shoot with Alec, the founder and director of Old Empire Motorcycles. I visited their House of Assembly, where the OEM team design and create their one off custom bikes. Their workshop has a warm and welcoming atmosphere, and after spending an afternoon there, I could tell that Alec and the team are truly passionate about the craftsmanship of their bespoke motorcycles. You can find out more at: 


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Car Wash Project (work in progress)

A new personal documentary project I'm working on. Aimed to show the friendly environment and hard working attitudes at hand car washes. More to come soon.

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Assist Trust

I have recently started doing some photography work with a charity in Norwich called Assist Trust. ‘Assist is aimed at helping people with learning difficulties to progress and move forward in their lives.’ This happens through lots of confidence building activities at their sites and work placements around the city.

All members, staff and volunteers are treated equally and the atmosphere at the Assist is nothing but warm and friendly. From the few times I have visited, I have felt very welcome and found the photography at Assist to be a fun and life affirming experience. I am beginning to make friends here and it is an honour to have the opportunity to photograph the activities and brilliant people at such a wonderful place. Assist Trust is truly brilliant place and worthy of recognition for the great work they do. You can find out more about Assist at:


This style of photography is a little different to the portrait work I would normally do with additional studio lighting. These pictures have all been taken with natural light and in more of a candid, journalistic style. That said, I have made everybody aware of my presence, asked permission and had conversations before taking pictures. The aim of these pictures are to portray the positive atmosphere of the charity, to be used on website and promotional materials. At some point in the future, as I begin to get to know the members better, I may consider asking to do some more intimate, studio lit portraits for a personal project. 


The Georgia Shackleton Trio

This shoot came about as a result of a conversatation I had with one of the band members Nic, during an interval at one of their shows. I was already friends with the band and had done a promotional shoot for them the previous year. We spoke about potentially doing another shoot to go with their new album release later in the year and both liked the idea of doing something outdoors with a warm, country feel that might suit their music.

After talking about some possible location options, we both got very excited about an old abandoned diner at Necton on the A47 road in Norfolk. Every time I had driven past this building it caught my eye as it has a slightly vintage and Western American look to it that stands out. I had always wanted to take pictures at this place.

I immediately thought of 2 of my favourite photographers - Alec Soth and Bryan Schutmaat, who have both created a mixture of intimate portraits and landscapes in Western American, with muted tones using film photography. I used those photographers as a starting point for inspiration, then myself and the band collaborated and shared other visual references. It seemed that we were very much on the same page but also wanted to go for something a bit warmer, such as early morning or golden hour sunlight. I also wanted to give the images a bit of punch with some artificial lighting to make the band stand out. 

Due to our busy schedules, we were unable to do the shoot on a sunny / warm day, but the overcast conditions and dark rain clouds helped to add a bit of drama.  I used a single strobe with a large octabox to keep the light fairly soft and subtle. 

Friend and assistant Karl remaining cheerful, despite the cold and windy conditions.

I experimented with some high speed flash sync settings to darken the ambient light, but found this wasn't needed on such an overcast and dark cloudy day. Anything faster than 200th second looked far too dark and gloomy.

We then set up some portraits which would be useful for the band's press kit.

Overall it was a fun day and we were all really pleased with the results.

You can check out 'The Georgia Shackleton Trio' at:


The Great Yarmouth Bike Project

This is the first part of an ongoing project documenting 'the Great Yarmouth Bike Project' (GYBP)

GYBP is a friendly workshop run by members of the local community. The centre gives people from various backgrounds the opportunity to get into cycling and bike mechanics. It is also open to the public for several different programmes and classes. More info can be found at: