The Georgia Shackleton Trio

This shoot came about as a result of a conversatation I had with one of the band members Nic, during an interval at one of their shows. I was already friends with the band and had done a promotional shoot for them the previous year. We spoke about potentially doing another shoot to go with their new album release later in the year and both liked the idea of doing something outdoors with a warm, country feel that might suit their music.

After talking about some possible location options, we both got very excited about an old abandoned diner at Necton on the A47 road in Norfolk. Every time I had driven past this building it caught my eye as it has a slightly vintage and Western American look to it that stands out. I had always wanted to take pictures at this place.

I immediately thought of 2 of my favourite photographers - Alec Soth and Bryan Schutmaat, who have both created a mixture of intimate portraits and landscapes in Western American, with muted tones using film photography. I used those photographers as a starting point for inspiration, then myself and the band collaborated and shared other visual references. It seemed that we were very much on the same page but also wanted to go for something a bit warmer, such as early morning or golden hour sunlight. I also wanted to give the images a bit of punch with some artificial lighting to make the band stand out. 

Due to our busy schedules, we were unable to do the shoot on a sunny / warm day, but the overcast conditions and dark rain clouds helped to add a bit of drama.  I used a single strobe with a large octabox to keep the light fairly soft and subtle. 

Friend and assistant Karl remaining cheerful, despite the cold and windy conditions.

I experimented with some high speed flash sync settings to darken the ambient light, but found this wasn't needed on such an overcast and dark cloudy day. Anything faster than 200th second looked far too dark and gloomy.

We then set up some portraits which would be useful for the band's press kit.

Overall it was a fun day and we were all really pleased with the results.

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