Assist Trust

I have recently started doing some photography work with a charity in Norwich called Assist Trust. ‘Assist is aimed at helping people with learning difficulties to progress and move forward in their lives.’ This happens through lots of confidence building activities at their sites and work placements around the city.

All members, staff and volunteers are treated equally and the atmosphere at the Assist is nothing but warm and friendly. From the few times I have visited, I have felt very welcome and found the photography at Assist to be a fun and life affirming experience. I am beginning to make friends here and it is an honour to have the opportunity to photograph the activities and brilliant people at such a wonderful place. Assist Trust is truly brilliant place and worthy of recognition for the great work they do. You can find out more about Assist at:


This style of photography is a little different to the portrait work I would normally do with additional studio lighting. These pictures have all been taken with natural light and in more of a candid, journalistic style. That said, I have made everybody aware of my presence, asked permission and had conversations before taking pictures. The aim of these pictures are to portray the positive atmosphere of the charity, to be used on website and promotional materials. At some point in the future, as I begin to get to know the members better, I may consider asking to do some more intimate, studio lit portraits for a personal project.